Ask your server about our homemade desserts – like our house specialty Chocolate Stout Cake with ganache and cream cheese frosting! Don’t do wheat? There’s always a Gluten Free option at The Lowbrow as well as Sebastian Joe’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

While The Lowbrow strives to accommodate gluten free guests, a separate fryer for gluten free items cannot be provided.


We are adding a temporary 3% Covid charge to each bill. Due to the unprecedented times we’re living in, costs associated with running a restaurant have skyrocketed.

This money is not a gratuity, and will be used by the restaurant to help recoup the costs of paying for PPE, additional sanitizing requirements, compostable take-out items, sufficient staffing levels to ensure the cleanest and safest environment possible, and substantial increases in the costs of our products.

We could have chosen to raise our prices by 3%, but we wanted to be transparent about our reasoning, and also be in a position to remove the additional charge when this crisis passes. We can’t wait to get to the other side, and look forward to years of serving your farm fresh grass fed burgers, and the best fries in the Twin Cities. Please feel free to email TheLowbrowMpls@gmail.com with any feedback.